Many people struggle to determine if they are truly ready to enter into a relationship that is good for their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. 

In this article, we will discuss the signs that indicate you are ready for a healthy relationship. We will delve into topics such as self-awareness, healing from past traumas, and effective communication. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of what it takes to be prepared for a positive and fulfilling relationship.

1. Define Love

You have heard them say “Love is blind”. On the contrary, love is not blind. If God is love then love has to be transparent, honest, and more than just a sentiment. Pure love spoken about in the bible is a love that gives, it is unselfish. Love brings peace, not confusion, it does not manipulate. Love is patient, and kind (1st Corinthians 13)

Love has to be transparent, honest and more than just a sentiment.

2. No Longer Treat Your Relationships as a Consumer

For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing. James 3:16

Love is not focused on taking, but on giving. Do not look for someone who matches your list of requirements, but someone willing.

Many people treat relationships as consumers, they are focused on their selfish needs instead of what they have to offer. When they go through a breakup, they often have a ready-made list of things the next person needs to have for the relationship to work. Unfortunately, I know that such requirements are doomed to fail. Even if they meet someone who meets their standards, that person may not want to date them because their own life may not reflect those same standards. As a result, they may continue to attract broken people until they decide to seek healing and find purpose in life.

3. Healing

Sometimes healing can take a moment or a season, and sometimes there are different levels of healing. Be kind to yourself, you don’t have to be fully healed to enter into a relationship, but make sure that you are taking personal responsibility and are working towards healthier patterns. 

If you notice unhealthy patterns in your life, it is a great opportunity to go after healing; read books, join groups, and get therapy. And remember, you are worthy of a healthy relationship, do not allow past relationships to keep you under unforgiveness and bitterness, you were not created to remain in that place. 

4. Know What You Want 

To enter into a healthy relationship it is important to know what you want and be clear about it. Many times we are unsure of our desires because of previous disappointments and traumas. You don’t want to bring someone else into a rollercoaster of emotions because of your traumas. God loves people, and part of loving others is covering their hearts and protecting them from unnecessary pain that we may cause due to our confusion.

For example, If you desire to get married and want to start a family, make sure you let your desires known so there is no room for confusion. In this manner, you also give the other person the opportunity to make assertive decisions and see if they want the same things. 

5. Matching Goals  

Danny Silk explained: 

There was a man in the NY airport with a plane ticket to China. He met a woman who was on her way to California. They fall in love at the airport and he decides to not go to China, but instead, he follows her to California, only to find out 5 years later that he was supposed to be in China all along.”

Before you begin to pursue, make sure they have similar goals and visions. Studies have shown that relationships last when two people share the same goals. You both can have spiritual goals, similar callings, or relational goals. Having similar goals and vision is important because it gives purpose to the relationship.

Studies have shown that relationships last when there are two people who share the same goals.

Prayer for a Healthy Relationship 

God, I pray that you bless relationships, for a new wave of healthy relationships. I pray that men and women will no longer be afraid to show themselves authentically and that they will be willing to go after what you intended relationships to be like. I pray that we will no longer see each other as enemies (gender division), but that we can partner with you to love and help each other grow. I pray for men and women who are not afraid to go after healing, and that whatever the enemy used for evil,  you will turn it into something good.